Open Esquire reprograms organizations using Ethereum & OpenLaw

Organizational programming is our obsession.

Tokenization & Secondary Markets

We'll upload your assets to the Ethereum blockchain using customized tokenization solutions.

Business Re-tooling

We'll reboot your business to take advantage of open finance tools on Ethereum, like forming limited liability DAOs, deploying smart contracts, and launching custom dApps.

Workflow Design

We'll consult on and design more efficient ways to accomplish your business and legal workflow with smart deal templates on OpenLaw.

Project Diligence

We'll review your proposed retail token sale for adherence to the Consumer Token Framework as well as provide other content and technical diligence reviews.

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Check out some of our work

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Income Share Portal

enable legally enforceable income share agreements and trade them

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Y-Combinator Termsheets.

connecting VCs and start-up founders

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First ever Limited Liability DAO


We accept Stripe, DAI, and USDC

Smart OpenLaw Agreement

Convert your existing contract into a smart legal agreement that can be electronically signed using email and MetaMask


Technical Consultation

Hire us for a technical consultation on your OpenLaw project


Meet the team

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Ross Campbell

Co-founder/Legal Engineer

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Robert Leonhard

Co-founder/Legal Engineer

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Josh Ma

Co-founder/Legal Engineer

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